Discover how Sex Ed for Bi Guys, the communities I helped build, and the rest of my work has touched bisexual men and bi+ guys like you.

Testimonials from bisexual men and bi+ guys

“As someone who once hated being bi, Sex Ed For Bi Guys’ framing of bisexuality as something cool and exciting finally allowed me to feel proud to be bi. It helped me get through my struggle with internalized biphobia and because of that I no longer worry about any potential biphobia that I might face by coming out as bi.”
—A.K., from the U.S., trans man, age 23; bisexual and queer.

Sex Ed for Bi Guys literally changed my life. The wisdom captured and shared in these articles has given me a trail guide for navigating bisexuality that I was lost without. Before reading, I had difficulty understanding my internal struggle with my sexuality, and difficulty articulating the challenges I was experiencing. Beyond the articles, the community that Hugo built on Reddit and in Discord has given me a place to be myself and people to connect with that I never would have found otherwise.”
– P.D.L., from the U.S., they/them, age 41; bisexual and demisexual.

“Your blog helped me navigate the confusion that came with being bi. Especially the infamous bi-cycle that has caused doubts in whether I was truly bi.”
– E.U., from Nigeria, male, age 24; bisexual.

“The Sex Ed for Bi Guys series has been an invaluable resource to me. I discovered my sexuality later in life and didn’t have any representation of bisexuality in my life. So many things clicked into place for me as I read through the articles. It helped me gain the confidence to come out to my wife and peace of mind to be accepting of myself. I highly recommend this series to anyone coming to terms with their sexuality.”
– P.J., from the U.S., cis male, age 42; bisexual.

“I found a nice comfortable environment [our community on Discord] to process how I experience and express my sexuality within myself and in relation to others. I made friends where our bisexual male experiences were a launch pad to understanding each other as people in fullness”
– J.M. from the U.S., male, age 29; bisexual and gynesexual.

“When I first admitted to my attraction towards men, the blog helped me unpacked my years of internalized homophobia and biphobia. Hugo’s articles set the right tone for assuring the reader that being bi is normal, and they opened my worldview on the various sexualities and relationship options present and available among us. I’ve since become more confident in expressing my own version of my bisexuality and I’m much more comfortable flirting with anyone despite their gender.”
– P., male, age 29; mostly gay, biromantic and demisexual.

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