Photo of Hugo Vaillancourt, sex educator, life coach and trainer specializing in men and bisexuality.
That’s me!

My name is Hugo Vaillancourt (they/he pronouns in English). At the age of 45, I am a sex educator, life coach, and trainer specializing in men and bisexuality. I’m the author of the Sex Ed for Bi Guys series, a frank sex education series for adult men (both transgender and cisgender) whose desires or experiences lean toward more than one gender. The series is also for non-binary people who identify on some level with masculinity, with such desires or experiences.

I have over twelve years of experience in both sexuality education and psychosocial intervention in the nonprofit sector. I have facilitated school-based sex education activities in secondary schools, but I have now been doing for several years adult sex education online for men and people who identify with masculinity. I have worked in support of LGBTQ+ adolescents and young adults; in harm reduction with men who do sex work and with people who use substances; with Inuit, Innu and Mi’kmaq families; with people experiencing various immigration and employability issues; and in housing support for people who have experienced chronic houselessness. I currently do collective advocacy and mobilization for folks with motor disabilities. I’m a Bachelor of Arts and a double major in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality, and in Human Relations.

Also, I have cofounded and comoderated the r/BisexualMen forum on Reddit—which now has over 45,000 members—as well as its official Discord community. I am currently developing a similar French-language community on Discord for bisexual men and bi+ guys. I now offer my services in life coaching and training.