As your life coach, I must be ethical. This starts with respecting you and your pace in our partnership. It means acting responsibly too, since I offer you a support relationship that relies on my expertise and experience.

My ethical commitment to you as a life coach

Respect, non-judgment and consent

I will respect you, and I will not judge you. I will be your ally and treat your setbacks as a chance to learn. I will ask for your consent before discussing difficult or sensitive topics.


I will make sure our discussions stay confidential. I will keep confidential too that you are seeing a coach. This applies as long as there is no situation that poses a serious and imminent danger to you or to another person.

Evidence-based process

I will offer you a process scientific research about change supports—not pseudoscience. This evidence-based process will give you tools to make progress.

Clear expectations and a process we can evaluate

I will agree with you on a coaching timeline from the start, based on your objectives, with a set number of sessions. Then we will come up together with SMART goals. These let us evaluate your progress and the process objectively.

Regular check-ins

I will check with you on a regular basis how effective the process is. I will adapt it to your needs, based on your feedback, to support you in reaching goals you set for yourself.

Clear boundaries

I will keep clear boundaries in our professional relationship, based on what we generally recognize as ethical practices in caring professions.

A safe space to talk about sexuality and relationships

I will share my knowledge of sexuality and healthy relationships when it can help you. I will respect your boundaries and your comfort zone in doing so. I will check in with you to make sure you stay comfortable in our space.

When my help isn’t enough

I will stick to my area of expertise. I will refer you to the relevant service or professional if you need help past coaching. This applies especially if you should work on your difficulties with a psychotherapist or a sex therapist who belongs to a professional order.

Stopping everything

I will respect your possible decision at any time to end our collaboration. I will put no pressure on you to give a reason for why you are stopping (although I like feedback—even critical or negative – as it is important I offer the best coaching possible).

We will make sure you understand

When we start our process together, I will go over this ethical commitment with you. You’ll have the chance to ask questions about it. I’ll make sure you understand my ethical commitment to you before we go any further. This commitment lets you to check if the support relationship I have with you remains ethical and respectful.