Gender dysphoria. A recurring feeling of discomfort or distress that some people get when a situation undermines their actual gender identity. It’s usually trans and nonbinary people who go through this, but not everyone who is nonbinary or trans has gender dysphoria, or feels it in the same situations. Dysphoria often happens when others assume the wrong gender about them—typically the one they were assigned at birth—use the wrong name or pronoun, or disrespect their gender identity. A person’s body can cause them gender dysphoria too when something about their body doesn’t match their gender identity. For example, a trans woman growing facial hair could feel dysphoria. Having to wear gendered clothing that contradicts someone’s gender identity can cause dysphoria too, like for a masculine nonbinary person having to wear a dress or feminine clothes. Behaving in a way that fits a stereotype of the wrong gender can also cause dysphoric feelings.