To ejaculate, an ejaculation. This is when someone’s penis shoots semen when the penis has received physical sexual stimulation long enough; for example, from being stroked repeatedly or from the back-and-forth friction during sexual penetration. This usually happens while the person orgasms, and contractions from the penis and prostate force semen out. There are a lot of slang terms for ejaculating, including to shoot/blow/bust a load/wad/nut, to jizz, to splooge, to nut, etc. Someone with a clitoris and vulva can “ejaculate” too sometimes when they orgasm, making a lot of clear liquid come out from the pee hole that isn’t pee. A lot of folks don’t have this happen when they orgasm though, or only once in a while. This is often called a “female” ejaculation, as people are usually talking about this happening with cis women. But since trans men and nonbinary folks with that sexual equipment can end up having this kind of ejaculation, it’s better to not call it “female” unless you’re specifically talking about women. The slang term for this is to squirt, which is a more gender-neutral expression too.

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