An orgasm, to orgasm. This is an intense sensation of pleasure that happens when someone’s sex parts have received physical sexual stimulation long enough; for example, from being stroked repeatedly or from the back-and-forth friction during sexual penetration. This will make someone’s clitoris, vagina or penis contract and spasm repeatedly, for 10 to 30 seconds (orgasms often last longer for someone with a clitoris). When someone has a penis, orgasms usually happen at the same time as ejaculations for someone with a penis, but not always: it’s possible for a penis owner to orgasm without ejaculating, or to ejaculate without much of an orgasm. Someone with a vulva and a clit can end up ejaculating a different liquid sometimes too when they orgasm. Slang terms for orgasms are to climax or to cum/come.

climax, climaxes, cum, cumming