Masturbation, to masturbate. This is using a hand, fingers or an object to stroke and stimulate someone’s sex parts—often your own—to give pleasurable sexual sensations and to try to cause an orgasm. Masturbation is a sexual activity most people do with their own body, and it has proven health benefits. Some people don’t masturbate and this is fine too. Masturbation does not need to end in orgasm, but it often does. It’s a sexual activity people can do with a partner too: two people masturbating each other is called mutual masturbation. People can masturbate their own body while a partner watches as well, or they can each masturbate their own body together. There are many slang terms for masturbation: to jerk/jack/wack/beat off/your meat, to wank/have a wank, tossing, to rub one out/off, to finger yourself or someone else, to play with yourself/your body, to spank the monkey, and many others.

jerk off, jerking off, jerks off, wank, wanking, wanks, rub one out, rubbing one out, rubs one out, play with yourself, playing with yourself, plays with yourself, fingering